Table of Contents

1. Lobsta Shack! by Lily Bartels 

2. My Pomeranian & I by Lily Bartels 

3. No Offense by Katherine Feldmeth

4. The Maggies by Maggie Ullrich

5. Bop It by Maggie Ullrich 

6. Nice to Meet You by Willow Kaufman 

7. Banana Phone by Sophie Robertson & Willow Kaufman

8. Mama of the Bride by Maggie Polistina 

9. Shut Up. by Maggie Polistina

10. Yaunder Years by Katie Jensen

11. Bank Robbery by Katie Jensen

12. Preschoolers United by Jack Wallis

13. The Ventriloquist by Alan Drew

14. Mystereh O' Luv by Ellerie Brust


1. Lobsta Shack! by Lily Bartels

Lobsta Shack!

2. My Pomeranian & I by Lily Bartels

My Pomeranian & I

3. No Offense by Katherine Feldmeth

No Offense

4. The Maggies! by Maggie Ullrich

The Maggie's!

5. Bop It! by Maggie Ullrich

Bop It!

6. Nice to Meet You by Willow Kaufman​

Nice to Meet You

7. Banana Phone by Sophie Robertson & Willow Kaufman

Banana Phone

8. Mama of the Bride by Maggie Polistina

Mama of the Bride

9. Shut Up. by Maggie Polistina

Shut Up.

10. Yaunder Years by Katie Jensen

Yaunder Years

11. Bank Robbery by Katie Jensen

Bank Robbery

12. Preschoolers United ​by Jack Wallis

Preschoolers United

13. The Ventriloquist by Alan Drew

The Ventriloquist

14. Mystereh O' Luv by Ellerie Brust

Mystereh O' Luv