Table of Contents

1. Are You There? by Katherine Feldmeth

2. Walking on Eggshells by Jordyn Libow

3. Let Me Down by Rachel Kessler 

4. A Balloon for Grandpa by Jordyn Libow 

5. Father Figure by Jordyn Libow

6. Bad Streak by Maggie Polistina 

7. A Christmas Miracle by Maggie Polistina 

8. Shadow of the Past by Rachel Kessler


1. Are You There? by Katherine Feldmeth 

Are you there?

2. Walking on Eggshells by Jordyn Libow

Walking on Eggshells

3. Let Me Down by Rachel Kessler 

Let Me Down

4. A Balloon for Grandpa by Jordyn Libow 

A Balloon for Grandpa

5. Father Figure by Jordyn Libow 

Father Figure

6. Bad Streak  by Maggie Polistina

Bad Streak

7. A Christmas Miracle by Maggie Polistina 

A Christmas Miracle

8. Shadow of the Past by Rachel Kessler

Shadow Of the Past