WINNERS! (as of 06/07/2020)

Scene that made you laugh the hardest:

Scene that made you cry:

1. Lobsta Shack

2. The Ventriloquist

3. Bank Robbery (TIE)

3. Mama of the Bride (TIE)

Scene that held your breath:

1. Are You There?

2. A Balloon for Grandpa

3. A Christmas Miracle 

Scene that made you think the most:

1. Let Me Down (TIE)

1. Are You There? (TIE)

1. A Christmas Miracle (TIE)

Scene that was most like a full length play:

Scene that was most like a movie:

Best acting:

1. Box 102 (TIE)

1. The Danger of Dreaming (TIE)

1. A Christmas Miracle

2. Lobsta Shack!

1. A Christmas Miracle

2. Running From Love

3. Are You There?

Favorite Character:

Best written: 

Overall favorite: 

1. Joshua Winston- My Pomeranian & I 

1. Melissa- No Offense

2. Brad- Bank Roberry

1. A Christmas Miracle

2. My Pomeranian & I 

1. My Pomeranian & I

2. Yaunder Years

THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING & viewing our magic circle!